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Westerville, OH

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Please help me support A Kid Again by providing year-round adventures. Thanks so much for your support.

What is an Adventure? 

A chance to be a kid again; time away from the hospital; an opportunity to forget about being sick; a group experience with tickets, food, parking, mementos, and memories to last until the next adventure

“ A Kid Again is like a life-line. Something we can point to each month and look forward to as a family. We make sure to put those events in big red letters on the calendar and it seems to make the yucky medical stuff pale in comparison” 
– A Kid Again Mom

A Kid Again looks forward to the day that every child with a life-threatening illness in America can be A Kid Again. 

Top Individuals

Jeff White $158.93
Gavin Bruce $75.11
StephenC $53.51

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SculptNova $75.11